A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts

If you have a A.C Moore Arts & Crafts near you, check them out! The entire franchise is closing and everything is 40%-60% off. I got everything pictured below for $21.57.
(8) 1 fl. Oz bottles of golden fluid acylics and
(1) 8 fl. Oz bottle of Liquidtex Ultra matte gel

They had bottles of Liquidtex for $1.99-$11.99 depending on bottle size and color/medium,
Bigger bottles of the Golden for $4.99-9.99 depending on bottle size. GHSP pots for .2.49-5.49 Various brushes in singles or sets from .59-$7.59
They had various size bags of poly fil, angel silk and cluster fluff but I didn’t check prices
They didn’t have any glass beads at this location but the worker I spoke to said they do sell them in their weighted blankets section but they had already sold out but to check another location.

So if you have one close, step in and check it out if your needing stuff!
I have never used golden fluid acylics, and currently use Waterborne Art and Magic air-dry, so I’m going to experiment with mixing the two to create new colors and shades and going to another location tomorrow to see what other colors they have.


thanks for the info. My mom told me they were going out and she is so bummed. We don’t have them here, but I will send her on a shopping trip in NJ.

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We don’t have them here, either.

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Neither do we. I wish we did

Michael’s bought them out. I work at Michael’s and it seems like they’re buying out all the craft stores. Hancocks, A.C. Moore, and Pat Catans. I hope we start selling some of the stuff A.C. Moore had because they had some good art stuff.

I had never been to one before tonight, we just happened to see it as we were going to the grocery store, and stopped in. I couldnt help but grab some stuff especially for the price! They had alot more liquidtex mediums but didn’t have very many paint colors in the brands I was looking at at this location, but gonna check the other 2 tomorrow. I had to stop myself from buying tons of fuzzy blankets, since they were on sale! Baby size ones in various designs for $4!