A baby story

Two years ago a person contacted me on Facebook to say she wanted a Yona by Christa Gotzen doll just like one I had done previously with the same hair and as similar as I could make her. Recently, I decided that I would begin work on my 3rd Yona since she is a favorite of mine. I had forgotten exactly which body I had used before, so searched for her on Google for kit specifications. I was led to an eBay link to a Yona that was for sale - clicking on that showed me pictures I had taken of both of my earlier dolls, as well as some done by someone else. Well, that’s not good! Stolen pictures! Opening the link showed me the second doll I had made. My own baby! So, I bought her on September 18.
As seems to be common here recently, she did not arrive on September 28 as her FedEx tracking indicated she would. In fact, tracking for her stopped at Hagerstown, Maryland on September 22. Skippy - where is my doll? I marked my non-receipt of the item on eBay, and contacted the seller, asking her how she had come to have the doll. The seller turned out to be my original buyer, selling the doll to get some money for a medical need. We both contacted FedEx and heard nothing back until today, 16 days from the purchase, when FedEx let the seller know that the doll was out for delivery. She arrived about 1 PM. She looks and smells good - I had feared she would have been around smokers, so was really glad to know she had not. The only change I see is earrings, and not really attractive ones, at that.
I told the seller I would keep her for at least 6 months in case she wanted her back - she was very pleased at this, stating the doll was her very favorite. I see a few details on her in my work that I might like to change a bit, but am pleased with her. The pictures show the baby I received today and the baby I sent.

June, 2019


She’s in really good shape. I’m glad it all worked out.

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Such a pretty baby! Glad she finally made it home AND in really good shape, too. I am guessing your buyer will want her back in 6 months. It’s really nice of you to hang on to her just in case.

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Wow she is in awesome shape! This is a reason I like when customers send babies to be for matting or touch ups so I can inspect and see how my work holds up through time and love!

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Taking her without knowing her condition was a bit intimidating. I had a safety picture of her, but had no way to know if she had been around smoke or other odors. I am very relieved she is in such good shape. I was thinking I might have to put her into a bag and put her into our storeroom. :scream:


Thanks, Jean. I am very glad, as well.