9 months old already!

Seems we’ve seen those blocks before…about 9 months ago…hmmmmm…

And I LOVE her expression in this one

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Oh how adorable is she! I love the photography as well! She is so beautiful and so are her mum and dad. I am having my fingers crossed for a little girl! 6 weeks until i can find out

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone…and yep, Tammy, she is getting cuter and cuter. Thanks so much for sharing her with us Karen!!!

I can not believe she is that old already, she is more beautiful every picture I see. Kathryn I hope it is a girl for you this time, too

I know that first year seems to fly by when you look back on it. She is beautiful! Is she crawling around getting into everything and trying to pull up and walk? She is only about 6 weeks older than Catherine. Hope you are getting more cuddles now!

Oh my goodness sakes, those pictures are so cute. Sophia is such a little darling. She has so much personality and so photogenic. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, everyone! Sophia is one busy little girl these days…pulling herself up, wanting to walk. My brother (her grandpa) ~ suggested to his daughter that they get her a walker. LOL You’d have thought he suggested killing their CAT, for goodness sake…A WALKER!!! The “book” frowns on walkers as they can be very dangerous. Ahem…BOTH my boys had walkers and loved them…and so did Sophia’s mommy and her little brother. Oh, well…what do WE know, right??? I don’t know how we had the good sense to raise our children without this BOOK she keeps referring to.

Well then I guess I did everything wrong according to her book. My son had a walker and he loved it. HE hated the johnny jump up since he could only go up and down. LOL Every generation think they have the answer to child rearing and it is different than what we did .

Sophia is gorgeous and still looks like my DK12 china kit!! So glad you are on Florida where you can spend time with her!!

She is so adorable!! I love the pictures with the blocks. lol, my son loved his walker too.