8 Different "Kit(s) of the Day" - MORE than 70% OFF, plus FREE BODY!

For today (Thursday), we have set EIGHT different kits as the “Kit(s) of the Day”, at MORE than 70% off, plus FREE body!

We also have FIVE different silicone kits at 50% off, plus FREE body!

Next, we have 44 different SALE KITS at 50% off, plus FREE body! Some new sale kits have rotated into this group, and some old ones have rotated out, so be sure to check out what is there today.

And finally, ALL other kits are 30% off! This 30% off discount effectively rolls back prices for all other kits to about 2015 levels (with the sale kits and silicone kits even less expensive than 2015 levels). Is anybody else doing this? We don’t think so.

Nevin Pratt, CEO


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I ordered yesterday and totally goofed. Somehow ,and I STILL don’t know how,I put the wrong kit in my cart! I didn’t even notice until much later that night :sob: :sob: :sob: I am so angry with myself!!! I always look 1st thing in the morning. I need to wait until I have my coffee next time.

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Are you going to get more Emmy bodies in the one for 1/4 limbs??? I would love to have another one but don’t order because bodies are out of stock


I could kick myself because I forgot to order my free bodies!!

OH NO!!! :open_mouth: That’s really sad!