5884 body for Avery

Have you ever used 5884 body for Avery?
the butt is really fat and crotch goes way down too far all fixable with some sewing i guess… but these leg holes !!she looks like a frog!

Are there any kits that would look ok with this body?

Its only $6 which leads me to believe everyone else thinks it looks like a balloon with frog legs too

.I assumed they fit her kit and just on sale I bought 2! then after she was together thought was that a misprint on who uses this? …
Need to ship an Avery but have to wait for the new body …Never would use this for her no matter unless it was going to a relative that was 2 or 3 yrs old


oh no, that body is in my shopping cart! Glad I didn’t buy it yet :joy: I’m sorry you got stuck with it!

GET IT OUT!! :cry: unless you find some kit that can use it

I really dislike that body. 7540, 7541, 675 would all fit Avery better than the recommended body. Even if the legs didn’t stick straight out to the sides, the huge arm caps, set too far back, and the bunched up neck opening make the baby look like a linebacker doing bust excercises and the clothes don’t fit well. There are no kits that I know of that would fit this body properly without making adjustments to it.

Ill have to write down your suggested bodies