3 Reborn kits for sale

Hello everyone :heart: I have 3 reborn kits for sale…the house is smoke free but I do have 2 puppies. The kits got a little squished from other kits being stored on top of them so you will have to un-squish the kits :heart:

I have 7 Month June Awake w/ body (25 in) - $85 plus shipping

7 Month June Asleep w/ body (25 in) - $85 plus shipping SOLD

Thank you :heart:

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Someone was looking for June recently. I hope they see your post.


Thanks Yelena I did find one, made a trade for her. I think someone else was looking too, hope they see these 2. :footprints: :baby:.

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Hey! I was looking but I think I’ve found one. Waiting to hear back. In the meantime what will be shipping? My zip code is 29036

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Shipping is $17.25

I so wish I could snap up that Joseph :laughing: these will all sell quickly!