3 month Joseph clothing question

Make a long story short I bought 2 Joseph one for a girl one for a boy. So today I went to the market in Antwerp and bought a girls 9-12 months dress. I was wondering what clothes does he wear. I went through the old ones and had anywhere from 6-12 months.

This is the outfit I bought.

What do you think?


It really depends on the body. I use a custom body that is larger than recommended, so this is the right size. Even with the recommended body, it still might fit. That is a cute outfit…:grin:

That’s adorable! I have no advice as to size. I’m painting Joseph now, but I haven’t assembled him yet.

I used the custom body that @RoseannsBoutique makes on the Joseph’s that I created and both fit 6-9M perfectly. Not sure what size clothing he would on the suggested.

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It was so hard since European sizes are strange. I am hoping that even if it’s a little big it may work. My suitcase is full of baby clothes and clothes for my granddaughter. Thanks for the help.

European sizes for kids run in centimeters, by how tall the child is. For reborns I usually take their height and go up one size.
There are always differences in sizes, though. So I sometimes just measure clothes. :joy:

I noticed that last year for my granddaughter. I figured I probably have another kit it will fit. But it looked smaller than US so I did the 9-12 other wise they had 6-9 months. The brand had both US sizes and European on it. The clothes are so cute here.