3 Little Piggy's Christmas Update Pic

Fast , easy gifts for my kiddo’s .Three little Piggy’s update Christmas pics at bottom .

First little piggy went to market .

Second little piggy stayed home.

Third little Piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.


Aw! They are darling!

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Thank you they were fun to do also really fast really easy can’t get much better think they will like them well enough .

Adorable piglets !

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Thanks , I know some people don’t quite get Piggy’s but they can be fun .

They’re cute!

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Which one built the brick house?


Just kidding! They’re so cute!!

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You should totally do another set and sell them to an early childhood teacher for the story!

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Thanks , Sorry all just saw the post’s , As I said fast , easy and fun I saw the prepainted on sale grabbed one and figured ah shucks get three .
All I had to do then was give them some hair for personality a little shine here and there then decide which one is the girl and who are the boys .
Thought about getting the prepainted and rooted gorilla while it was so cheap however thought too long and it was gone .

Sounds like it could be done the pig is in so many nursery rhymes your certain to have plenty inspiration in props , clothing and details on the pigs.
Perhaps the three little pigs and the big bad wolf ? throw in some Styrofoam bricks , a little bale of straw and a pig asleep on a pile of sticks?
I think you should take the idea and run with it I get just a tad to stressed when doing things for people other than family my family forgive my blunders better LOL.

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**Yeah ** here is a Christmas shot of one of the Little Piggy’s with his Kiddo didn’t manage to get anymore in all the paper frenzy but They all went over very well .
PS. He named him Spider Pig

This little pig is now Penelope and eats with chop sticks now

Third little pig is now Felepe however didn’t get an after Christmas shot of him yet. .

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They are so cute!

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Thanks nice of you to comment on my little presents hope your Christmas went well .