3 babies finished for Christmas

Had 3 babies to do for Christmas, that I just finished today.

1st one is for our 15yr old great niece that loves reborns. I had made another one for her about 4 years ago, and when I saw her this past July she mentioned she would like to buy one from me. Of course, I wouldn’t let her pay for one, but made one for her for Christmas. (Actually I remade this one into a girl for her - I had it originally as a boy)

2nd one is for our daughter-in-law’s little niece. She is almost 3yrs old and had fallen in love with our granddaughter’s reborn this summer, so her mom asked me to make one for her for Christmas.

3rd one is for the 8yr old daughter of our Pastor and wife. We’ve “adopted” his family since they have no family out here in CA (they are from No Carolina). Every time Brianna come over, she wants to hold one of my babies - she especially loves my Levi. So, I’m surprising her with her own for Christmas. Bri is half Korean (like my older son’s daughters), so I did the coloring to resemble a Asian/caucasion baby.

Hope they all like them.


I’m sure they’ll love them! There all very beautiful! And how wonderful are you!! Happy holidays

They will be the hit of the day! They are all so gorgeous!

Gorgeous babies! I’m sure they will love them!

Beautiful babies and I love Presley’s entire outfit :heart_eyes:

They’re all beautiful!

They are beautiful! What happy little girls they will be on Christmas morn! God Bless.

They are absolutely beautiful!!!