3/4 silicone body

I just saw today somethinew new - 3/4 silicone body baby


I’ve seen dolls like this before. I’m not a fan. If I’m gonna have a 3/4 I would prefer it to be the shoulders and chest not the lower body and genitals.


I would think that with cloth top body and 3/4 arms she would pose more easy and possible to be more cuddly? It’s hard to tell till you hold both versions. But looking at the pictures she poses better than full silicon.

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Sure, but the appeal of silicone to me is the same as a full torso vinyl. I like the ability to dress them in tank tops or just in diapers.


I agree, if I pay thousands of dollars I want to be able to dress it like I want. I don’t see the advantages of 3/4arms.

I don’t care much for bodies like this. Vinyl or silicone. I, too, would much rather have the upper torso for dressing options. I don’t need to see baby genitals or bums. Those parts are covered by a diaper anyways.