2nd Quality kits

Has anyone had good experience with the seconds kits? I am thinking about ordering the Sam second kit…

Only once did I have a limb that had a bubble between the fingers but I have bought many 2nds and have found that they are great!

sorry to say, but mine was useless … The head good for test parts only. You take the risk and hopefully you get. Lucky!!!


The only bad 2nd kit I ever got was Nod & the head was cracked at the neck where the head attaches to the body. I contacted BB, though, and they sent a replacement immediately. I’ve had really good luck with seconds overall.

I have bought seconds without being able to discover why - you really have to look sometimes. The only one I got that was visible as soon as I opened the box was a Ladybug kit that had blue printing on her leg. I couldn’t get it off no matter what I did so I just added some purple & red and made it a scratch - the color worked for me in that instance and it definitely looked like a scratch on a toddler.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate the input. I think I will go ahead and buy my the seconds Sam kit. She makes such a cute little baby and the deal of the day deals just haven’t been appealing to me. Plus, I have been waning to make a sleeping baby, I have 5 kits here to make now and they’re all awake babies.

I have had black/bluish dots here and there. Nothing that couldnt be turned into a beauty mark! i would say go for it!~

I have had good success with BB 2nds. Most the time you are hard pressed to figure out what the issue is. I got a monkey kit 2nds that had what looked like burns on the flanges and a split in part of the neck flange but I was able to glue the split and use the kit just fine. Also got a Gena kit that had some splitting in the flange and glued that with vinyl super glue and used the kit just fine too. On both kits once I repaired them the cloth body covered up the repairs as they were on the flanges so no biggie to me.

I’ve had good luck with seconds; have had to look for the problem because it wasn’t obvious.