24 Kits to sell Non-BB as well as BB!

Hi all, I pray all is well. As some of you know I haven’t felt like reborning since losing my mom and granddaughter last year. I tried to give myself time, but I’m just not interested. So, I still have a ton of kits, and I want to get rid of some of them. So decided to post them here to see if anyone was interested! All kits that came with COA’s will ship with them . The Prices of the KITS DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING! Shipping will be somewhere between $15 and $20. Please feel free to ask questions or for pictures. Thanks for taking the time to look!

Non BB Kits
Most will come with bodies as well as their COA’S
Brodie -Melody Hess - LE of 400 $90.00
LI - Priscilla Lopes -1st edition - $85.00
Tavie - Melody Hess - SOLE - $110.00
Lottie - LLE - $130.00
Ashia - LLE $120.00
Abigail - Laura Tuzio Ross - SOLE - $120.00 --Sold
Mya - Maria Jordano - $80.00
Azalea - LLE - SOLE - $140.00
Everlee- Sabine Altenkirch - SOLE - $140.00

BB KITS - bodies are included in the price of the kit.
They have their COA’S if they came with one!
Johanna awake - $40.00
Laila awake - $35.00
Darren awake - $35.00
Owen awake - $35.00
6 Month Grant - discontinued - $55.00

Have a wonderful night everyone!


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I’m interested in Abigail. Is she the not smiling version?

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Hi, she is not the smiling one however her sale is pending. I will reach out to you if it falls thru. Thank you for your inquiry>

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