2017 ROSE info

Anyone know if there’s any way to access the 2017 ROSE info without using Facebook? It says it’s time to submit pictures for the calendar but I don’t see any way to do that. Facebook and I are incompatible.

Maybe @AnnDee, @EmilyBB, or @bbsupport can answer that :slight_smile:

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Hi Jean, I wonder if you might be able to send me a link to where you’ve seen that posted? There hasn’t yet been any finalized plans on a calendar for the 2017 ROSE show yet. I almost wonder if that is an old post, possibly from 2015? We are hoping that the new ROSE website will be ready to view sometime this week.

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I googled 2017 rose international doll show. It’s the third link down.

Not sure why it says it? lol

I searched on the facebook page to see if I could see it there, but couldnt find it.

Yeah we found it. :grinning: That was a post made in 2015 by the owners of the show at that time to do submissions for 2 years.

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