2 Adorable New Clown Kits Coming Soon! ~ Topsie and Tumbles

I have considered it but my bank account won’t like that. :sweat_smile:

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These are so cute! I have noticed though that the prototypes on eBay haven’t had any bids yet. I wonder how much interest there will be from buyers? They look like they’d be fun to paint!


I think it might depend on the painting style as well

I know if I paint one I wont expect a fast sale.

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I doubt they’re easy sales as well. Alternatives are usually harder to sell.

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There’s always going to be people who are afraid of clowns.

I’m not one of them and these look so huggable.

Wild colored hair is fun.

Bonus points that they won’t smell like grease paint or have their face come off on my clothes.


Bonus :wink: LOL
I hate it when that happens


I don’t think Alternatives are harder to sell, look at Twisted Beanstalk and Deadly Nightshade and countless others. Too many to list but they sell just as well as Realistic Reborns. My whole family prefers Alt’s, with a couple of exceptions. :slightly_smiling_face: For me as an Alternative Artist and SciFi Horror Movie watcher it is easy to separate reality from the Art of the movie - doll etc. I don’t see a person getting hurt, I know it is just a smoke screen props etc, or just a doll. I do have exceptions :thinking: but for the most part I love life and Art is a big part of it Realistic or Alternative. AND I know I am weird in that way. My brain just doesn’t go there - for the most part, lol.


Tootie is still my favorite, but i really like them all.

Shanine’s (twisted bean stalk) Tumbles

and Topsie


I just knew Bean had to do these!!! :heart_eyes::clown_face::heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing these @jlesser!!!

That gray scale Tumbles is to die for!!! I wonder how long it would take to create that skin tone? I would like to do a vintage alternative baby either in porcelain white or gray scale colors (for the vintage challenge on here)…just don’t know how long that takes to achieve. Just a ballpark figure of how many layers (not including shading, just the skin tone) I could be looking at would help me tremendously.

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They are so cute. I’ve been wanting to have a clown but wanted to make my own because I like to use a regular kit to make it into an alternative, but I think these kits look fine.


That’s amazing! I adore the greyscale one!