(1) Kit of the Day...(2) Overstocks...(3) Closeouts!

We currently have THREE different “sections” of kit sales. They are: (1) Kit of the Day, (2) Overstocks, and (3) Closeouts. Kits in any of those three categories also include a free body of your choice.


Our “Kit(s) of the Day” are our deepest discount kits. A couple of days ago, this consisted of 6 different Marissa May kits. Today I added 6 more kits to this category, making 12 total (as of this writing). This set of kits typically changes daily, but will always either be “Closeouts” and/or “Seconds”.

Our “Overstocks” are kits that we have a lot of days remaining of stock (which is not directly related to popularity). These “Overstocks” are uniformly 50% off. Because sales might make some of these to not be overstocked any longer, these may change at any time.

Our “Closeouts” are 60% off. There are 50 shown on our home page, but you can see even more by clicking the “Closeout Kits” link in the menu at the top. This set of kits only changes when kit(s) are removed from the set because they sold out.

And remember, kits in any of those 3 categories include a FREE body of your choice!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Can’t keep up with all the discounted items…so I don’t even bother to look anymore. It’s too confusing




I wish this was happening when I first started painting! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup constantly changing the same kits to different prices. Everyday a new announcement and I have no idea what will be restocked, discontinued or "closeout:. One day it is going to be one thing then the next day its in another category and back for more money . I don’t look anymore either.

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