Zit cream question

Ok so i have a really sweet tibby that I made a while back. She was sitting in a little red antique child’s rocker. Well needless to say the paint stained her vinyl a pinkish Orange. Will the zit cream pull it out ladies do you know? Thanks!

I would sure try it. I don’t know of anything else that will pull it out. You could take her legs off and use a cosmetic sponge with a blue/green wash color to see if you can neutralize the paint a bit? (or just put tights on her).

But watch out I used don’t use terminator 10 it bleaches quickly and almost gives a chemical burn

It might, so far the OXY 10 pretty much got out all the stains I tried it on.

Thanks so much all! I may give it a shot. Either way we’ve decided to keep her around :slight_smile: she was one of my early babies