Zero Feedback Bidder

My baby has a bid with a buyer with 0 feedback. I have in my auction if their feedback is less than 10 to contact me fist before bidding, as I like to make sure they know that their bid is binding and if they win the auction, are they ready to pay. I have had 0 feedback buyers before with no problems, but I’m not sure what to do about this one, since she did not contact me first.
I tried to contact her through Ebay, but they wouldn’t let me send her a message. What should I do? Ride it out, I suppose, but really, why don’t people READ the darn auction they are bidding on???

Dont you just love that!!!

I say go with your gut Lara or share her ID…then if anyone here has experience with her then they can let you know

I just had someone bid with no feedback and had just joined Ebay the day she bid. She did not contact me either, even though it says to in my auction text. She had me worried for a couple of days when no word and no payment came, but she did pay on the third day in full. I guess you just never know what to do about these bids. She was the only bidder on that reborn and it was late in the bidding, so I just let it go. But in the past on a more popular reborn with other bids, I have cancelled a zero feedback bid when they did not contact me first. Hard to know what to do!! Good luck on yours! Nancy