Your Honest Opinion?


Sorry if I’m annoying anyone with so many pics of her, but I am really in love with this one.
I put her hair in pigtails just to get an idea. They are messy and low and not exactly what they will look like, but I think they’re kinda cute …as for right now anyway.
I took these inside and at night so the lighting is not very good.
I’m excited but at the same time nervous to put her on ebay b/c I am afraid she will not sale at a reserve price of at least $500. That’s what the lady in Australia paid for her and now she just wants me to put her on ebay and try to make the money back. =/
What is your honest opinion?
Do you think she will do alright on ebay?

Found her a cheerleading outfit. If the buyer does not like Memphis, I won’t include the cheerleading suit with her. I am going to get her matching pom poms and maybe put white ribbons in her hair.


I think she is adorable and I truly believe she will do very well for you. She is absolutely stunning. Her coloring…TDF! Her Eyes…Beautiful…Her hair…STUNNING!!
She is a beautiful work of art, and you should be quite pleased.


I agree. She looks especially adorable in the pink outfit. It really brings out her coloring.


I think the pink outfit fit’s her coloring better than the blue one. Just my humble opinion though. She is so sweet and soft looking and I thin the pink dress just brings that out in her.


To be honest, I think the pigtails accentuate that her hair looks dry and frizzy… Are you going to style her hair with product before you do the official hair do? Since her hair is fairly long, I bet you could use a straightener to smooth it down some.


Thanks so much everyone! Yes, I will brush out her hair and straighten it before I do her photoshoot. I will alo be posing her in 3 different outfits for ebay. The pink one, the cheerleaer outfit with pom poms, and a onesie that is red, white and blue (matches her blue and red corker hairbows).
She will be going home with at least 3 outfits. =]


I love her and think she will do very well for you! She is so so pretty and I love the pink dress on her too! She is perfect!!


Her coloring is beautiful. Please post pics of her all finished and dressed for ebay!


I love her in the pink outfit…I would like to see her with more bangs, but maybe too late in the reborning to do more…it kinda looks like she is bald in front, JMO.
She is very pretty & so soft looking, good job on the painting!



Thanks!! Yea, I was thinking maybe do more with the bangs. I can add some more hair because her head is not on yet lol. I will add more hair and cut her bangs more and make it look thicker in the front and underneath the sides.
The pink dress is my favorite too. It pays to shop the clearance at BabiesRUs! And I went to Gymboree and found the matching corkers. I was so excited lol.
I will be posting pics of her when she is finished and her auction link also. It will probably be about another 2 weeks though. I can’t wait, but it will be hard to let this one go. I will miss her.


When I did a Silly Goose, I made her hair into little ringlets and it really was cute. She had little piggy tails and I put those in ringlets also. It’s real easy to do. I just dampened her hair with Silken Child, took small sections of hair and carefully wrapped it around a pencil then gently slid it off. It made perfect little ringlets and looked really cute.


Very cute! I agree with everyone that the pink outfit is perfect for her, it really complements her color which is beautiful! Great job!


Thanks noniesgirl!

That is really cute. I might be able to put her hair in pigtails and make the pigtails big, loose ringlets. That would probably be cute too. Thanks for that idea. =]


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Very cute! I agree with everyone that the pink outfit is perfect for her, it really complements her color which is beautiful! Great job!

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Thank you!!


Love her! Love the pink outfit, I too agree that she needs more hair in front or straighten /smooth it out so it doesnt look shallow or frizzy but other than that you hit the painting right on the head! Fabulous job


She is going to be beautiful when all done, She has great coloring and I love her hair color. I also love the little pink dress.

    Hugs Tina