You know you’re a reborn artist when...add yours!


You get stepped on by a calf and the first thing you think is “oh, what a pretty combination of undertones this would make!

Ok so it may not be that pretty tomorrow :joy:




Ouch! Hope u feel better soon! You know you’re a reborn artist when your kids yell at you to get the baby head out of the cereal cabinet :joy:


Thanks! Oh yes! I have a built in china cabinet and it’s always got random limbs sticking out of bowls!


I was cleaning a toilet at work. Put the cleaning liquid in and thought, wow, that is a perfect vein color!


When you stare intently at REAL babies, for inspiration, while out shopping :wink:


…and tell the mother her baby have a beautiful skin tone and perfect mottling…




If you startle when a real baby MOVES when staring at him for inspiration.


You have baby brain lol!


When you pull a leg out of your purse at the store so you can measure shoe size :rofl:

And ouch!!! :worried: Hope your foot heals quickly!




LOLOLOL! That would be so hilarious!


When you are buying baby clothes at Target and they ask if you would like a gift receipt and you say, “No” they ask if you have a new grandbaby (I have a six year old!) and you say, “No” and you beautiful six year old says, “She buys a lot of baby clothes for her babies, she has a lot of babies”

When you order 200 hats on Ebay at 2am because you can’t sleep and they seem like a really good deal, and of course you will make 200 babies…

When you pop a baby in the bin at the airport while trying to take off your shoes and belt and dig your laptop out of your bag and give the TSA guy has a heart attack.

When you get excited that baby blankets on clearance.

When you have glass in your bed.

When you shop your stash to find a nice baby shower gift.

When you realize you spend more money on baby clothes for vinyl kids than your biological kids (sigh…)


When your kid cleans the couch and a baby head rolls out of a blanket onto the floor


…when you’re caught staring at someone’s hands because their veins are showing!


@deedee2413 That is so funny!


@lil Yes! I do it all the time!


When you haven’t bought yourself a new pair of jeans in four years, but you just spent $300 on doll kits because they were on sale!


When 2 detectives show up at your house looking for someone you don’t know, but you invite them in so they don’t think your lying. 1 looks in my work room while the other one is trying to distract me. The one calls over the other one and whispers, “what have we stumbled up on” lol. Needless to say I had to show and explain I don’t chop up kids. Im an artist. The look on their face, PRICELESS!