You have to be kidding me


So, purchased ultimate fusion paints from irresitables. Paid nearly 100 bucks, are you read for this? I have to have the worst possible luck.Do you see what I see?


Did you buy them used? There shouldn’t be a black and blond 3 and 4 are very similar (I have the kit new) You should have seven bottles total.

This bites.

I am not trying to take money away from the maker of this line but if you go on line you can easily mix the colors you need yourself with acrylic. You might want to get a medium for acrylic that lengthens the drying time.


What type of acrylic or name I should say?
I thought they were new I bought them online from the company. I didn’t buy the set, I purchased separate colors from Irresistables. The black is empty and 3 and 4 looks the same. I didn’t want all the colors either and I am so mad at how much I paid but since I have never messed with air dry I wanted to try something new. I don’t even want it anymore, I want to send it all back.


If you are unhappy you should send them back. Acrylic is acrylic in my opinion but I do GHSP on babies and use acrylic for painting and illustrating. What you want in acrylic is strong pigment if you are painting and great colors if you are illustrating.

The whole kit is nice and the book is great if you are just starting to paint hair.

Is it worth the money? I thought it was I use the paint for reference only.


See I just wanted a reference too. I use GHSP, do you paint your hair with this, I can’t remember! Mine kept turning white lol not sure why. Boooooo


$100 for 3 bottles of acrylic paint. Wow.

I saw where your hair was turning white, which was so weird. I had no idea why that would happen because I have never used ghsp, but I know a lot of people paint hair with it without a problem.


No it was 80, 12 dollars a piece. I bought five paints and the 3D medium.


Still expensive for this tiny thing and it’s empty!!!


What do you use for hair, what brand?


3D medium was 15


I would definitely contact the dealer about the black not being full. Here’s another dealer for the paints.


Are those the right colors for blond 3 and 4?


I use golden liquid acrylics for everything on my dolls, including the hair. Mixing the colors so far has not been difficult.


You do an amazing job!!!


Thank you. :blush: If you ever decide to use acrylics, I can help you if you get stuck.


I bet it is a lot like silicone. I was stuck with silicone lol and was like… ughhh maybe not my thing, hahaha.


The Ultimate Fusion paint uses very little of the paint pigment when mixing. It is an excellent product and works most like genesis. The two do look the same. I would definitely contact them.


Lol… There is a learning curve, but its not that bad. You can add mediums to the paint to give yourself more working time. You will get real good at correcting mistakes since you can’t wipe this stuff off. Its definitely possible to work with. Despite the non forgiving nature of these paints, I ruin very few dolls these days. Probably about the same amount that someone who uses ghsp would melt in a year, so it balances out. :grin:


Blonde 3 is just a tad darker than 4. If yours looks to be mislabeled, you could add a touch of the brown to the 3 to make it darker.


Have you contacted the company? Those don’t look new to me. They should replace them.