Yay, yay, Yay!

I just bought Kimberly! Happy dance!!! Now I’m waiting or two more releases and I’ll be good to go. The big question is, how long can I hang onto my dolly money while I wait???


Fantastic! If you’re anything like me, those dolly dollars will be burning a hole in your pocket x

Yay, Helen! I got her too! I am saving for Summer Rain. I can’t wait till they release her.

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I’m waiting for Summer Rain and Owen. I keep having to use my dolly dollars for mohair etc… I don’t have any more babies to sell right now either. I’m trying to squeeze in enough time to do the Jewel challenge, make my Tippi, and finish Marimah. Now I’m going to want to start on Kimberly I suppose. I need to finish something but real life keeps getting in the way of my fantasy world! LOL


Would love that one but saving my money for Nikkita I think she is waiting more
patiently then I am.LOL

Helen, I am taking a break. Other than rooting two babies that need it, I don’t plan to market anything till after Christmas. If my baby on ebay doesn’t sell tomorrow, I’m not relisting till next year. :sunglasses: :wine_glass: I am sitting back and relaxing and listening to Christmas music until it is time to get all the preps for Christmas Day done. :musical_score: :christmas_tree:


I do hate real life sometimes :grin::grin::grin:

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Congrats!!! I want to buy Kimberly in the worst way but have 3 pre-orders coming due soon and have to save my $$$ to pay for them. :heart_eyes:

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@otterbaby2 I keep trying to take a break and then find myself in my studio working on Tippi.

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Wow Tippi is a big girl with a big head. I would love to make her but the thought of rooting that humungus head scares me. I do love that sculpt though! I did buy a Juan kit as one of my first kits a few months ago and when I saw how big the head was I decided to wait at least 6-8 months before I even attempt him. I need a lot more practice rooting before I even think about doing him…

I’ve rooted several toddlers. I find that putting my mapping lines closer together and rooting one space at a time makes it slightly less daunting. As each section is completed I know that I have only so many left to finish. It kind of makes it easier for me x

I love Kimberly…she is my fav of all the new ones coming out at the moment…Congrats on getting her! Can’t wait to see her done…

Happy for you! Enjoy!

I have to finish a few others before I can start her, but am sure looking forward to it. I have wanted them to come out with a girl realborn for a long time. I’m also doing Asher Asleep. I haven’t ever, and think he’s pretty cute.

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I hope you post pics of both…Love seeing your babies…Hmmmm which makes me think…Haven’t seen any lately Are you in down time holiday mode??? :smile:

I just bought her this morning… I love that she has full limbs :grin::grin:

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Me too Mel! The funny thing is that I bought her and THEN read the discription to discover the full limbs. It was such a happy surprise. I love full limbs because they look so much cuter in diapers and short sleeved outfits. These are going to be my spring/summer crop of babies that I’m working on now so gone will be the heavier clothing and Christmasy outfits and in with the Spring bunnies and daffodils.


Ooooooooooo! Spring. Tulips, bunnies, baby chicks, daffodils. Soft pastels. I love Spring :rabbit: :tulip:


Me too Diane. It’s my favorite season. The nice thing about reborning is that we have to start making Spring babies before it’s really Spring so we get extra bunny and daffodil time!

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I can’t wait to see what you do with her, Helen!!! :heart: