YAY! So Glad the Forum is Back!

I love this forum and am so glad it’s back. Thank you!

Iam sorry daphne i did not see your post and i posted just about the same thing, any way glad to be back here and glad to see you here, i really missed this forum,and love it here


Hi Connie No problem! We are all so happy so multiple posts just reinforce that message

Bwhahahaha, don’t know what the heck happened to my siggie…gotta go fix that.

Glad to be back also!!

Thank You Nevin

Welcome back everyone! I’m so happy we’re back!

I am so HAPPY!!! this fourm is back.Its like going on vacation for 2 months and finally coming home,it feels so good to be

Yippy !!! I’m so glad to have this foram back as I have missed it so much ! wonderful to see you gals here. hugs Gabby

I really missed this forum and all the sweet ladies on here, so glad it is back. Thank you Nevin and Denise, and welcome back to all the ladies who feel as I do and are so glad to have our forum back.

Oh good! I was afraid that no one would want to come back, so I’m glad to see some activity. I think that some people may be a little gun shy for a while.

It will probably be slow for awhile but think people will come back.cathy

I too have really missed this forum and all the great ladies here. Hope that we can get back to our normal chats and posts and leave all the drama behind.

This is so cool. I have missed you guys so much. Thanks for brining this back.

I’m glad too!
Thanks Nevin!

I’m glad its back too. There is a multitude of info on here that is very helpful for reborners…I really missed it too

yippee skipee!!!

Ditto here. I’m so glad to see it back. Thank you BB.

Thank you for coming back!!!

Hooray, I finally figured out how to post! Welcome back! I for one missed it dreadfully.