Yay! New body for my cuddle baby!


A huge thank you @RoseannsBoutique for this wonderful, high quality and MUCH better fitting body! Here’s a before & after :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart:


Big improvement. He is perfect now!


She’s amazing with her ability to make the perfect cloth bodies. That looks so much better! :heart_eyes:


So much better! She just made me one too, my first and it is already out for delivery, so Excited!


I love it! If you compare the chest and crotch area of the previous body, it looks terrible compared to @RoseannsBoutique! Plus her body is narrower, and looks much more realistic.


Oh yes, much better!


She’s quite talented. Looks great!


That looks much nicer. I think most bodies are too wide through the crotch area for all the dolls, cuddle and kits. This one looks lovely!!


Wayyyyy better!!