Yarie twins-Pic intense

Here are my 2 babies I made for the upcoming Yaroe class. I wasn’t sure if I should leave the hair just painted, or do some sparse rooting, so I did one of each!!! lol…Hope you like them! I hope to get them finished and on Ebay this weekend. We will see.

I love the rooted hair. No painted hair for my babies.

They are gorgeous! I love Samiah.

These two are just beautiful and especially the one with the rooted hair. I like painted hair but I “LOVE” rooted hair.

They are both great! Like both hair types

I like painted hair on some babies but on these two I like the one you rooted hair on the best. They are both adorable!

They are beautiful babies. I’m really excited to start the class! Which one is Jack?

This is Jack:
http://cgi.ebay.com/SReal-Babies-PROTOT … 4a9cb16265

Gorgeous babies…I “root” for rooting!

I love your babies, especially the one with the rooted hair!


Wow wow WOW! I just looked at Jack’s auction. There aren’t even words for how amazing he is. That’s so crazy. And he looks like one of my sons so I’m so happy that one is Jack. He’s awesome & you’re awesome.

Yes, Jack is a little cutie-pie! Selena Saxton did the prototype for him. She is an amazing artist!!

Beautiful babies as always, Lara! They look so lifelike! I’m excited for the preemie class coming up. Good luck on the ebay auction. I’m sure they’ll fly for you!

Well Selena’s awesome too!

I love them both …they are so adorable!

i love them!!! they are beautiful