Yannik Kit

Can someone please tell me…is the Yannik Kit Orange? I keep looking at it and I’m not really sure. Need to know if I need to neutralize it. Thanks a bunch.

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Looks pretty orange to me in this video

Its not orange, like Eloisa Arcello, but its not white like BB kits either…I will take a picture of one of mine when I can, unless someone else posts one first.

Tutti has the same limbs (I dont have a Yannik) but I took pics of Tutti’s blank kit last year… this shows it with my hand. I did not naturalize her.


Mine does not seem orange. But use, definitely darker than bb.

Yes, same colour as well…I LOVE your Tutti :slight_smile:

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It’s strange because mine is definitely orange. I had to make it a Biracial baby. I did neutralized it 3 times and it still look orange. Thank you ladies for all your inputs.

@jlesser that baby is gorgeous!!!

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I just got mine out to take a pic. Here is Yannik next to Jennie. He’s only a little darker than Jennie, but definitely a good, neutral color.


I didn’t realize they have the same limbs. I have both kits in my stash. I guess I’m not very observant. I really didn’t even look at either kit. I just put them in the bin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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