Just ordered my New kit on pre-order by Natili Blick.

Anyone else in love



He’s cute, he reminds me of a baby my mom babysat a few times. I wish I could post a pic but I don’t have his mama’s permission so I won’t. He looks almost exactly like that prototype just with lighter blue eyes and slightly redder blonde hair.


This baby is so cute in person. I saw it at ROSE.

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Yes! Me! He has landed in my top 6 faves of all time.


Yes, I preordered as soon as the kit became available. Natali Blick has become one of my favourite artists I love Tutti and I was fortunate enough to get another kit before Dolls so Real also sold out of her recently, I don’t think anyone else is selling her now and I love that Yannick has her limbs :slight_smile:
Im painting Sherry right now and Im really happy with her as well. I also have a Maik kit but Im sad that I did not order him from Dolls so Real where he comes with a belly plate. If anyone knows where I can get the plate that goes with him, please let me know.
Here is my first Tutti


Precious :purple_heart::heart::purple_heart::heart:

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Would you happen to know what size clothing he wears?

I don’t. He looked like a 3 mos size.

Thank you