Yannick finally finished

Well, beautiful ladies I’m done with Yannick and I truly hope you like her. I’m stuck and don’t know what to name her. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much :))


What a cutie !!!

Abigail, Natalis ?? I have that same outfit but I’m peach! Love that color


She’s just lovely!

She’s beautiful!!

She turned out so stunning, beautiful baby :heart:

Melody Sunshine, she is adorable and happy.:footprints::baby:

I love her skin tones! Beautiful outfit, too!

Beautiful! Samara? Nova?

She looks like a Ainslie to me! Beautiful

Thank you everyone. I’ve decided on Yasmine, but I’ve written all of the other choices down for my future girls lol. You are very kind with your compliments and I truly appreciate you all.

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She is beautiful! Is she your keeper? Why do you have to name her? Just in case I sagest Yana.

She’s a sweetheart!

Aww :heart_eyes: she’s adorable

@YelenaRey. Not keeping her but I just like to name them. Sometimes the adoptive mother love the name I choose and sometimes they prefer to change it :wink:

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So pretty

Absolutely gorgeous baby. I love her skin tone and texture

Very good work!