Ya'll are AWESOME!


Just wanted to say you guys rock. I was doubtful about the color wheel trick-- I said to myself, all my limbs are flesh colored…not pink or orange. But, I printed it out anyways and lo and behold, I have 3 different colors on my baby- one light orange, one med orange and one very pink. Thanks for the tips. Baby is in the oven now with first flesh layer on, then on to color correction. Oh and the acetone worked like a dream to strip it! I tried regular nail polish remover and thought I had gotten it all off. Then bought ‘the good stuff’…many more colors came off that time Thanks for all your tips!


Just an update— the blue and earth green washes are working great


I might try that next time, we’re in a very very small town right now, so my resources are limited to say the least


Where can you purchase the brush cleaner? I use Goo Gone or Goo Gone Extreme which works pretty well on MOST dolls that need stripping.
Also, I have a kit that I believe has been fully painted and then sealed…is there ANY way to strip a kit once it has been sealed?