WTB wig


I’m in need of a size 16-17 wig to fit Libby.
Preferably black hair or if anyone knows where I can find one to purchase.


I may have one available but won’t be able to check until tomorrow…


I love the Libby kit! I’ve thought about using wigs on them before too. Two brands I know of are: Monique and Kemper. They each have websites.
I think there are also some doll wigs on ebay.
Is there a specific style you are looking for? curly, straight?


Here’s a curly wig from Kemper called “Essie.” that comes in black. I think it’s adorable!


I purchased one for my first baby from McPherson’s. It took forever to receive it. I believe they are in Canada and I am in the South US. BUT, I will say that I have never heard anyone else say they had that problem with them, and that they do get their orders quickly. The problem I have found with wigs is the cost. I think the one I purchased was $30. I know now, that even though mohair is expensive (to get the good stuff) it is still cheaper than wigs, and also looks better. I have not yet mastered rooting. I hope it helps some.


Thank you for posting this. I was trying to think of the names of other places, but my mind was blank. This is also a good place.


Thank you for the links. I ended up finding this one on dolls by sandie and I ordered bc there was only one in stock but I was hoping for black straight hair.
I wish I would have thought of doing a wig before bc she has such a big noggin, but since she is for a little girl— the wig may be better long term.


I usually get my orders from them pretty quick. I’m located in Oklahoma. This will be first time using a wig. I much prefer rooting.


Ty for checking. I purchased a curly one but if you have straight in this style I think that may look better.


I may have one, but pretty sure not black…