WTB Leelou Brace


Probably a long shot, but does anyone have a Leelou by Cassie Brace they would like to sell?


Anyone looking to sell this kit?


Oh I wish I could find her or sienna Rae! Good luck :purple_heart: I been reborning a short time but there was a kit I wanted so bad that was sold out and I held off and instead of paying $200-$300 for a sold out kit I paid $150 for the Frida kit. So like the lady who got me into reborning says just keep looking and it will show up at a decent price. I did see a Leelou kit for sale but it was $275 plus shipping that’s way out of my price range for a blank kit lol


Id prob pay that for that kit lol…I created a saved search on ebay so hopefully I will get notified if one gets listed :wink:


Nope. Just Elyse over here. :frowning: