WTB: 22 in male torso


I am in need of a torso to fit Dominic Tuzio Ross.


I can’t seem to find one. The only one I found in that size was female but I will keep looking


Thank you. I have been looking everywhere. I’ve only found female yet they want a boy. I’ve even looked at buying a kit with a torso. Just don’t wanna shell out over $100.


Awww! I guess the smaller one didn’t work? Maybe you can talk her into a front and back plate. She can’t expect you to come up with something that doesn’t exist. You have truly put forth a lot of effort to find the right torso. I don’t know what else you can do.


No😔 It was a 19-20 inch. I just ordered Phoenix Arcello, so when he comes I’ll try the torso with Dominic. Phoenix is 21 inches while Dominic is 22. It’s crazy the difference a couple of inches make. If it doesn’t work I’ll try to talk them into both plates.


MacPherson’s has a 22" female one, but they also have a male 3/4 torso that might work.


Yes, I wish they would make one in a boy size. I’m shocked there isn’t one available. They want the full body dressing capability. So I’ll see what I can do. Customs are stressful :flushed: