Wow 😯 what a difference makes when we all keep practicing

The Last4 weeks I had some difficulties with my 10 inch Kit ,but thanks to you guys and all with the wonderful tips and advice ,I have now improve my rooting over the past 4 weeks …

She is starting to look cuter and cuter , am Half way done with her rooting. The last 24 hours I have had rooted half of her head ,I do take breaks in between, but not to much breaks . Cuz I fear that I might not make in time Before thanksgiving.

Now if everything goes according to plan ,I should be done in the next 3 to 4 days ,as long I have no difficulties with my rooting needles, so far I have not broken any 42 gage needles, except for one time ,but that was cuz I was trying to use it with out the rooting tool ,wish I finally got the hang of it woohoo ,but am using 2 42 gage needles, the ones that was giving me already being cut and the regular size rooting needle. How ever in Jan I will be ordering the 38 gage needles and the 42 gage needles for back up ,I do like the way the 42 gage needles takes small amount of hair ,but I still like the 38 gage needles ,cuz it grabs hair all at ones in tiny little holes and pasting is much faster for me then the 42 gage needles,but will always keep using the 42 gage needles, cus they break less then the 38 gage needles, but of corse it has to do the way I was grabbing the needles and twisting it ,that’s what cost my 38 gage needles to brake ,but thanks to you ladies for explaining it to me the right way to poor holes :hole: on my kit while rooting ,That’s when I notice the difference on my rooting, ones am dine with my 10 inch kit ,I will be taking a short break in Rebornning as I have to pack and get ready to move ,thank you all for your words of wisdom and courage meant ,as it sure makes a lot of difference,will keep updating when am more less complicated and satisfied, wish I am now ,but I will be more pleased when it’s completed for sure