Wow! Look at this amazing reborn!


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I went ahead and looked at her nursery while I was there, she has a beautiful creamy painting style! I love her jade.


I saw that baby this morning so lovely!


@jennyk babies always look soft and beautiful. :blush:


Sheโ€™s so realistic and beautiful! I love her soft coloring.


Simone you are so kind. Thank you all very much for your kind comments about my baby. It absolutely means the world to me!


I just came across this sweet baby on Reborns about ten minutes ago, she is adorable.


I love the eyes and coloringโ€ฆgreat job, worth more than you listed in my opinion.


Thank you so much. I thought of asking more, but looked at others on reborns and it seemed that those that were higher priced had the torso. I do think I will raise prices this fall though because my skills have improved and I have invested in developing them. I am eager to follow your tutorial because I love how you use color!


YW, I love, love the way you paint! One day I will own one of your reborns!


I like the way you do business. I think if you stay fair and honest you are gonna have some very loyal clients.


Beautiful Baby you should be proud!!! :smile: