I just got home from work, so hopefully I am not repeating this news if anyone else has posted today ~ LOOK AT THIS!!! My eyeballs about fell out of my head…WOW!!! … NA:US:1123
If I ever sell a doll for over $400, I’m having a party and you are all invited…now think what we could do with THIS kind of buckage!!!


When I looked this morning it was a bit over 12,000 and I thought that was high!!! Who has that kind of money??? A few very determined people decided they were going to own her no matter what. I wonder what the winner’s top bid actually was? She overbid herself two more times on top of that winning amount. Heck what’s a few thousand more when it’s that high>>>

Oh My goodness I cannot imagine!!! That baby is beautiful but wow that is some serious cash!!!

Wow – can you believe that price???

When i opened that link i was taking a drink of gatorade and bout choked when i seen that baby sold for $22,600 i am in total amazment i would not know how to react if i sold one for that just wow

I think you can adopt a real baby for that much money- of course this one stays tiny forever

WOW! lol, I saw her this auction a few days ago, it was up to almost 10,000.00 then and I thought that was amazing! DH was like “can you make one like that?!”…i just laughed, lol

Wow is right, Karen! Unfreaking believable! I don’t know if I’m dismayed or not that someone would fork over that kind of cash for a doll…certainly a beautiful piece of art–but a doll? Wow! Money to burn, I guess! The baby is totally beautiful…hey, we could ALL do THAT!!!

Well, I guess she could always take out a 2nd mortgage or a 15-30 yr payment plan.

I agree! For that kind of money, I would deliver in person…and enjoy a nice little vacation on the side.

How awesome is that for the seller! Silicone dolls are weird, I don’t like how they jiggle like jello. That being said, I’m so going to figure our how to do this too. My brother used to so movie special effects I’m so calling him for some advice on making molds! I want to stay a stay at home mom forever, nothing like a hobby you can make money doing…

I love Romie’s babies. Will probably never be able to aford one of her 100% silicones but one can always wish.

— Begin quote from ____

Do you sculpt? That is the first step, to be able to sculpt a baby. I tried sculpting once… it is now buried in my back yard next to the hamsters in an unmarked grave.

— End quote

I truly LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this!!! Buried in the back yard…

Gina You almost made me …P!!!LOL

Saw that baby and price while the neighbor kids were here - most of which are from low income families. They were shocked! To them, that is a new car price or more than their family gets in a year. So while the baby is beautiful, I keep thinking “Are the buyers crazy?!!” But then I think of the prices of sculptures and paintings and think they got a deal. Brain goes two different directions at once!