Wouldn't be fun

I just got myself a bowl of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream and I’m getting ready for Dancing with the Stars to come on!

sharing a bowl of apple sauce w/ my 1 year old son and now craving heavenly hash icecream,thanks!! lol

I just got done eating sushi. I was gonna watch House, but I forgot that it is not on tonight.

watching intervention, just got done painting my nails, and just made a bowl of popcorn

Oh, sounds fun…I just got the little one to bed (can’t believe he is 3 months tomorrow!!!), and now I am RELAXING hahahaha, just about to finish up painting a couple dolls

I painted Meg today and now I am relaxing and going to watch Two and a half men, and wishing for some ice cream! LOl

After a great day spent with an old friend, I’m catching up on BB, listening to Buddy Holly on Sirius and waiting for Lie To Me to come on.

just got home from work,listening (well sorta lol) to the hubby talking about his day…and checking in on here…

just got through boxing up eden, gonna ship her to her new mommy tomorrow, and eating banana taffy, mmmmmm its good,and I am doing my favorite thing, reading BB forum,lol,

I was rooting an Arianna but decided to take a break and check the computer but I’ll be going back to rooting in a few. I’m also watching TV was One Tree Hill but now Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I just restarted my computer b/c it was being slow. I was playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and decided to come read some of the BB forum and now I’m going to go play RCT again. =] I’m also listening to The Wiggles on TV…my 2 year old is dancing like crazy to it and my 5 month old is in the mini recliner taking a nap.

Oh my goodness…I LOVE peach cobbler

I’ll be there in about 30 minutes for some peach cobbler!

Heavenly Hash ice cream is chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces, nuts, and marshmallow creme, and its my Fav!

Go Donny Go is right! I hope he wins!

Just relaxing watching Castle on TV. Rented The Proposal from the Red Box using a code so got it free! And I’m stayin’ up late and sleeping long tomorrow cuz the health department shut school down until November 4!
We had 37% out with flu symptoms. My class had two confirmed H1N1 cases.


Just finished packing up 23 boxes to send to the troops this week. Just in time to get another truck load of items to box up that they need in Iraq and Afghanistan!

I’m just browsing BB forum,and then on to facebook.

   Hugs tina

My sister and I just got back from a Halloween party. I’m browsing BB for a little bit, then its off to bed (I have to be up @ 7 am for work).

sitting eating a bowl of rice crispies, feeling terrible…considering canceling my driving lesson this morning, because my head is pounding…hate early pregnancy

its late afternoon here in Australia where I just got home from university and I am wishing it was tomorrow already because after three long years i’m finished my nursing degree…oh and I am now wishing I had some of that ice cream even though they don’t sell it here…and also wishing I lived in America so I could take advantage of Bountiful babies deal of the day

Ditto Andie,

I too have almost finished my nursing degree. Whoo Hoo.

Mmm ice cream, our flavours seem so boring here…