Would love more "bundles"


I ordered Dean and the Rose bundle from BB. I think It would be a fun idea for bb to offer more like this occasionally. Not that the kits have to be exclusive or limited edition…but I enjoyed getting my little assortment of goodies. Ooh…maybe like a monthly kit club kind of thing. :slight_smile:


Such a great idea! I also bought one and loved getting all of the goodies :slight_smile:


That would be so fun!!


Where is the bundle listed? I could not find it


Are you talking about the ROSE bag? It was originally made up for vendors last year. Then they sold the extras.


@jlesser, yes. That is the “bundle” I’m referring to. I think offering something like this would be a nice option. You know, like companies like ivory ella, birchbox and chewey have their monthly boxes of items for “members”? I just like the “surprise” (even though I knew what was in the rose bag).
@judylane1961, I looked up Dean in the search tool in order to find it.
@judylane1961, I just looked. It says it is sold out.


Oh, I’d love an option for a goodie bag!
A monthly subscription would probably be too costly for me, but random boxes like that for sale would be awesome!
Edit: I was just thinking, we could also send each other giftbags. Just some fun surprise boxes or something with stuff for reborns and ourselves.


Where did you order that, under what heading? thank you


They still have the ROSE Vendor bag from 2017 on the ROSE site


Does anyone know if the kit in the bag includes a body?


No body included.


Ah, shame. Thanks!


Years past we did a Round Robin. Those who were interested set a maximum price. I did the organizing. You were matched with someone. I sent the person’s info. You sent them a package. No two people had each other. So it was always a surprise who had your name. It was fun.


That does sound like a lot of fun!