Would like some input

First of all, I have HORRIBLE lighting in my house!! I can never get good pics! What do y’all do about this? Do you have a certain setup or light or lamp you use to solve this problem? Cause I’m in huge need of a solution

Secondly, what do y’all use for wet lips and glossy nails? I use the air dry varnish from BB, and have ever since I started years ago, but I’m not sure it’s giving quite the effect I’m looking for, I think I’ve noticed it peeling and stuff before too. Do any of u use anything different with better results?

I use these:

That did solve my problem of being able to take photos only on bright day about midday - early afternoon; before the sun came through the windows

I also use the air dry gloss never had it peeling

Those lights are reasonably priced. Do they make you HOT while working?

I’m right there with ya in the same boat. And I’m also blind as a bat! Lol
My night vision is so bad, I actually am not allowed to drive at night. A friend of mine uses a light called an OTT LIGHT. She got hers on Amazon I believe. But I think they are also sold at Joanne Fabrics. The problem is they are far from cheap! I want one badly, but $350 for a lamp is a good chunk of change. I have heard rave reviews on this lamp. It simulates natural day light. ( I think it’s even used to treat depression??) If you do get one, I’d love to hear how to like it.

In regards to looking for a shinier smoother nail finish, I have heard some people use Aleene’s Paper Glaze? Please correct me on that if I am mistaken.
Hope this helps! :blush:

I just googled the OTT Light on Amazon. Whoa! I was way off in price.

They have a few different types. I am buying one today!

Where can we get that? :blush:

I use Modge podge glossy, and Aleene’s Paper Glaze both.

I use these lights with the umbrellas to take photos, not to work with. I have not noticed any heat coming of them. I find it impossible to paint or root with artificial light, which is pity as originally I took up reborning to get me something to do in the evenings. I tried, but what looked great under the lights did not look that good in the morning. When trying to root I found I am trying to root the shadow of the hair instead of the actual hair LOL