Would It Bother You?

A gal who bought one of my dolls a few months back- reselling it- which I get- I know people have financial reasons for reselling. But- she had the doll listed as “new” and copy/pasted my description- of course no credit for the artist. Just kinda a bummer.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Reborn-Doll-Fus … 3f1ebee227Despite the crazy Ebay lady that attacked me earlier in the week that I posted earler and this, My Porsha sold- yeh!!! I needed some good news!!

Kristi, she also lists the item as “new” . I think it’s wrong, but…I don’t know what you could do about it, except to maybe ask her to relist the item. I’ve never dealt with ebay so hopefully someone will have a more appropriate answer. Sorry though - it must be hard to see that.

It showed “listing ended” $185.00 when I checked out the auction. I think the way it was listed that it appeared that the seller was the artist. That would certainly be a misrepresentation. Glad something went well for you on eBay with your recent sale.

Me too- thanks!