Would it be better to

Hi ladies…I wonder if anyone could help me decide…

I am planning to list my Haily and Sweet Pea reborn kits on eBay, so here’s my question:
Both of these kits are in sealed bags; should I open the bags and take photos of the head and limbs, or would a buyer preferr that they remain sealed…I have taken a photo of each of them in the sealed bags, and you can see the certificates and the faces, but not all of the limbs.

Also, what would be a good starting price for them…I have no idea where to begin with these two…any input would be greatly appreciated…thanks in advance, Maureen

Oh that’s a good idea Christine; I’ll turn the bags over, and take photos of the other sides. Then I’ll browse the net and see if I can find any stock photos, it may be a real search, as these kits haven’t been available for some time.

Thanks for the advice…