Worst day for me in a while. Prayers please


Hi ladies.
I just need to vent. Hope you don’t mind.

I’ve had a rough few days. Went out with a friend who chops down trees for work. Had a good day out of the house and was feeling good until I realized I’m allergic to oak trees and had a horrible allergic reaction. My neck swelled up and all.
After a shower and 3 doses of antihistamine I’m feeling semi human.
After all that I get home and find that my television is broken. Not a life or death thing but as someone who is house bound 99% of the time its a tough one to take

Hopefully ill feel better tomorrow and can paint


Keep strong ! The daylight is longer so you can paint , hopefully the Tv issue will be solved shortly .
My son is allergic to OAK but how can we avoide the nature ? We have to go out

Take care



I knew I was allergic to pine. No real Christmas trees for me. Lol. But this was water oak. I guess nature just hates me. Haha


Oh honey!! I’m so sorry!! Will pray for you, of course!! Blessed Easter!!! :kissing_heart::heart:


Oh no! I hope you feel better! Hope you can work on some dollies to cheer you up


Prayers **


Praying that you will be back to normal soon. Allergies are a pain. I had to be allergy tested and have been on sublingual allergy drops for years. It uses all of the things you’re allergic to and add it to your system under the tongue every week to make your immune system fight it off.


I should look into those. I’m allergic to pine. Oak. And chocolate


Oh no! Not chocolate!! Mine was Sycamore tree, certain grasses, cats and a bunch of foods.


Yep. I’m allergic to a chemical in cheaper chocolate like Palmer. Not sure what it is but it gives me migraines. I can eat higher quality chocolate in small amounts


Sorry you having troubles. I am have a really bad pollen reaction year. A friend of mine gave me a med to try that works great. XYZAN you need to try it. Hope we are both better soon.