Working on Yarie twins

Here’s my Max and Samiah so far. Just finished their skintone today. They still need creases and details and a bit more blush. Hope you like them!!!
I love all Yaries!!!

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Last I heard on Piper was they were shipping to her on the 25th, so that would mean she’d be getting them in this week. If you preordered from her, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her soon.

They are adorable! I can’t wait to see them finished. Samiah has to be one of the cutest sculpts.

They are beautiful! I hope to have those sculpts some day!

They are just so sweet.

THey are just precious I can’t wait to see them finished, I’m sure they’ll look amazing!!

they are great lara! I can’t wait to see what they sell for! You will get big bucks for them!!

They are ADORABLE!!! One of my dreams is to, eventually, have a Yarie baby. They are sooooo cute.

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Lara they are just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them when they are finished.