Working on sculpting a new OOAK Monkey leg WIP


Im finally (after a long medical hiatus) back into the swing of sculpting…and its time to get some CLAY OOAKs back into Collectors hands…Im working on this little girl right now. Will show some pics of her finished foot too.
Hope you like her <3

Banana Hugs


I snagged this off my Instagram…Here is her finished widdle monkey footsie, lol…
Let me know your thoughts


That monkey foot looks pretty real.


Thanks so much! :kissing_heart:


Wow, that looks good! I’d love to see the rest of your work!


Aaawww thanks chickadee! I started these back in 2004 (am I aging myself? lol) :yum:
Theres a small gallery on my Facebook Page: Newborn Chimp Nest
I took a really long sculpting hiatus, but I’m trying to get back into the ‘swing of things’ :monkey_face: - I didn’t even try to make a monkey joke there, hahaha…it just sorta happened. My sculpting has changed thru the years tho…I’m excited to see where this current little face is going tho!

Heres one from a while ago:


Oh wow, that’s some lovely work!
I’d like to try sculpting sometime, but I wouldn’t even know where to start, haha. It seems so hard.


I think it’s time someone came up with a new Sculpting Tutorial…! Or a topic here on the BB Forum where Sculptors can answer questions & share tips of the trade? Sooooo many don’t know where to turn for sculpting


That would be awesome. But I guess there’s just less sculptors and a lot of painters.


Omg omg…
To say that I’m a huge fan of your monkey babies is a serious understatement. So happy to see you’re back and can hardly wait to see your new babies.


This sculpting tutorial is pretty good, I found it quite helpful for me. I should go back and watch them again as I’m kinda stuck now lol She goes through the whole process of sculpting him and then molding and pouring him in silicone so there’s a bunch of videos. She doesn’t have one for closed eyes though


Secrist Dolls has a pretty good, easy to follow, CD sculpting tutorial. The one @MilosMeadows linked is even better, I think. It has a lot more explanation of why certain parts are placed where they are.


I was just fixing to tag you in this and tell you she reminds me of Lola monkey. I knew you would like her.


Eeepppp thankyou!
I’m excited too :blush:


Aaahhh I loved sculpting Lola. She was my first vinyl series… It was Petra in the Netherlands that reproduced her into vinyl, but unfortunately she passed away💗


So sorry to hear that. Do you think you’ll have any of your new ones produced in vinyl or strictly OOAKs? Either way I’m looking forward to them coming. I still haven’t painted Lola lol, I’m so afraid I’ll mess her up and then never be able to find another.


Your soo sweet :blue_heart:
I don’t blame you about Miss Lola! I still get people message me looking for one of her kits. Gosh, I think it was 2008?! It’s been a minute lol…

I hope to do another vinyl kit. I have some “things” in the works, but not until end of year. Until then I’m gonna keep doing some OOAKs. I’d really love to see some “Old School Collecting” back yannO?

Banana Hugs :monkey_face: :banana: