Working on brea,,, boy or girl?

my very first biracial baby, I cant wait till I get better ,

This is a tough one as both are cute. But I think I’m leaning toward boy on this one.

I see girl. I think you’re doing just great too, BTW.

lol, i see boy:))) but girl is pretty also

Very cute! I see girl.

A beautiful girl


I think boy.

Could be either but I like her as a girl.

You did a great job on the skin coloring. What colors did you use?
I have a peach brea and would like to do her like yours.

I’d go for boy!

Girl. Great job on her!

Looks great, either way bu i am leaning boy…

I always like Brea as a boy lol. Yours is coming out great. I also only like this sculpt as an AA baby or a biracial baby lmbo

I think your Brea is Beautiful. Boy or Girl is dosen’t matter.
I would like to know also what colors you used and how many layers?
I am working on a Brea as a Bi-racial also. I hope mine looks as sweet.

Thank you all so much for them wonderful compliments, I think I’m gonna give it a little more hair and put a bow or headband on and check it out, lol,robin, slmarten and deb, the colors, I mixed several different ones, I watched the tutorial on aa babies here on the BB forum, I used flesh 02 and mixed just a tad of premixed blush, for one layer, and another I used flesh 02 with a tad of crease color in it, and her blush was a little premixed blush and a tad of crease color, thanks again every one,

Wow I see a girl , beautiful . I did this kit as a native baby and loved her . great job on her . Gabby

Oh my goodness, what do you mean "You can’t wait until you get better?"
That baby is absolutely gorgeous. What a beauty. I love it.
I prefer this one as a boy but it is beautiful as a girl as well.

She is a beautiful girl. I have done this sculpt several times and I always have better luck selling her as a girl. She is really darling, you did a great job!

thanks so much, getten ready to put it together, I’ll post some pics,