Working on a baby for one of my assistant managers


I’m painting Realborn Kimberly for one of my assistant managers at work. She has been dying for a baby. The first picture was taken with the flash on, second picture was taken without the flash. Still loads more to do.


Oh my goodness, she’ll be thrilled!


I know she will be happy. I had my husbands cousin tell me HE wanted a baby the other day. I was in shock. He’s a very manly man and wants a doll. I never would have thought that.


That’s so awesome!!! I wish there were more men that were into reborns :smiley:


She will be so happy to recieve one , your babies are lovely. :wink:


How wonderful to get to give a baby in person. How exciting for both of you!


I love that hint of fatty yellow you achieve. Makes it look so real.


Lovely!! Kimberly is such a sweet girl to paint