Work in progress on Lavender awake


She’s so pretty.

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Gorgeous! She is looking so real.


I have to paint her eyebrows then seal the paint. Rooting hair will be the last thing. My first reborn. Anything you see that needs done otherwise?


I am not good at eyebrows. I see all the great artists work and I am in awe.


She looks good to me!

A little tip-----try laying your eyebrows ‘down’ a little. Instead of going ‘up’ eyebrows go UP and OVER (towards the right) or (over to the left). Look at an eyebrow, they don’t go straight up but they ‘lean towards the end of the brow’. Did any of that make sense? Eyebrows are difficult for everyone, just be patient and keep practicing, you’ll be a ‘Pro’ before you know it!! Baby is looking good!

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Yes that helped a lot. Thank you so much.i have prisma pencils but thought I would try painting them. I don’t know if I can modify them now.

If you very sparsely add some from the top of what you have and curve them over and down it should blend them in some.

Thank you. I will try that. I love all the great advice I receive.

Can I strip the eyebrows down to the vinyl and repaint layers or will I have to strip the entire head

Oh lovely! Yours looks so soft! Nice painting.

Would be better to share your work in a different thread. @Angeliquenz Anne started this one to showcase her baby.

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And to Angeliquenz I am so sorry. I thought it was for work in progress. I didn’t mean to disrupt the show case of your gorgeous baby @ Angeliquenz. I will not post anything again until I am sure I am posting in the correct thread.

I won’t be posting anymore. Here lately I can’t seem to do anything right. I am so sorry. For me it is a hobby. For the great artists it is how they make a living.

it’s only a hobby for me too

Unfortunately @Evee did what she said she will do - left the forum.


I was going to say the same. I still feel bad for her.

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