Woo hoo I did it .I got Blake listed

Does everything look o.k ? thanks

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 0530362322

looks great wow too real wish i had money but alas im broke but you did an awsome job on the auction. good luck. marlene

Very cute and something different, she should do very well for you! I think the video clip was a great addition to show the actual crying and motion. Love the peeling skin too. Great job! Nancy

Love your baby very pretty looks so real great job !!!

WOW…all I can say is totally AWESOME!

She’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to see how she does for you! BOL!!

I love her skin tone and her hair.

She is AMAZING!!! I want to pick her up and rock her until she can smile again!!! BOL on her!!!

Oh fantastic job…she needs to picked up and cuddled, poor little thing.

The auction was really wide on my screen too. She’s an adorable little one! BOL with her auction.

She is definitely one of the best reborns I have seen in a long time. What a beautiful job you have done with this little one. Absolutely amazing. Best of luck with her auction.

Thanks everyone…Yes it was big on my screen to. i use robs help for my template…I am trying to fix it… What size is your pictures on your template ? i think that is my problem…Hugs