Wish honey good luck


http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … %3DSelling

Thanks, Karen


BOL on her auction!! She’s adoarable!


she is beautiful…great job…but is her body on backwards?? I see on the pic of her naked body, that the cable ties are cut in the front…aren’t they all supposed to go in the back?? good luck with her auction…she’s a sweetie


I actually was looking at it because I noticed the ties but isnt the larger sections in the back? for the bottom? Ive never had to guess with bodies like I did with this one. But then this is the first one with full legs. I wonder if it is made different? But yes I did notice it and will probably turn it around and see if it still looks OK.


She 's a sweetie, Bol on her auction.

   Hugs tina


Good luck Honey,DEE


Good luck, she’s a cutie. Her pretty eyes really stand out.


Awwww so cute and love her outfit!


SHe’s really cute. Best of luck on her auction!


I wish you luck with your auction. I do have to tell you tho, as a buyer looking, Your pictures are to dark. You can not see the skin mollting or the rooted hair ect…
I have received bodies that had the cable tie’s on the wrong side and had to fix them myslef. Check the body and see if you have in on backwards or if the cable ties where cut on the wrong side.


Thank you for all your comments. Normajean, I tried to add more direct light but then I got glare in the photos. I had two photo lamps one on each side of the box and a natural light bulb hung from above.I havent been able to take any out side since we have had rain and clouds for AGES! I will keep trying for those great pics, I even bought a new camera for my babies a couple weeks ago. Also I am going to take her apart and check inside for the tag on the body. and will fix it. thank you all.