WIP what else?

I’ve done flesh tones (primary washes), mottling, veining, blushing, and creasing. What else does she need? I wanted to try shading, but I don’t know what color to use. Does she need a burnt umber wash to warm her up? I still have the nails and lips to finish too. Any input is appreciated :grin:


I think a bit of blush on tip of nose will look good. And lips need more definition.
She look really good !

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I would do a burnt umber to warm her up. She is turning out great!

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How would I define the lips more?

She looks gorgeous! What did you use for creases? I just started my second Skya today :wink:

The creases are a few layers because I never really liked the colors they were turning out to be. So the first layer is a medium thin layer of bb lip blush and nail color, then the next is a thinner layer of bb warm blush with a tad of burnt umber. I definitely liked that better!

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She’s done! Does she look ok? Areas of improvement?