WIP. What do you think she needs?

Hi All
Do you think her eye lids are to dark, this is the 1 st time I have tried a bit of mottling, any thing else she needs
What color hair do you think
Hugs Julie

Yes I do believe the eyelid are alittle to dark. Other than that. You did a great job.
I also think you should use a light brown for the hair. If you went any darker, it would be to dark for the skin tone.


Hi! She’s pretty what kit is it? I agree on the eyelids and also maybe she needs a little more blushing and lip color. On my screen she’s quite pale & the tip of her nose is white. But it might just be the eyelid & lip color washing her out. You have done a really good job on her & she’s going to be quite pretty I hope you post final pics.

oh. I just noticed you maybe haven’t done creases & that could be why she’s pale, though her lips are very pale. But if you haven’t gotten that far along please ignore me. I thought we were looking at her at the finished stage.