WIP Twins


These are my twins I have been working on. The twins will be bi-racial when are finished. I need some feedback on how their complexions are looking. Keep in mind my son is bi-racial and spends a good part of the day outside, so he has a good tan and he is half Mexican! I am kind of happy with how they are right now but I didn’t apply any blush to the babies cheeks, knees, ect. and I need an honest opinion on whether or not I should?


Looks good from here - but the lighting is dim in the first few photos. Your little guy is so precious!


Love the coloring on your little boy. About half of my nephews and nieces are half mexican so I love that coloring. We have almost every shade in our family except Asian. As for the baby, I noticed that the CORA website had a hispanic tutorial or class but other than that, I can’t help much on what else to do. I’d like to find out. wanting to branch out into Native American and Mexican babies.


The coloring looks good and I do think you should add blushing… Your son is gorgeous…